Tuesday, January 30, 2018

NOTICE: Sunshine has a new home at mewe(dot)com !!!

This blog is still active, but our home at Yahoo is falling apart... therefore, we have moved! It looks like Yahoo groups will be disintegrating sooner rather than later. So we have set up a group at mewe(dot)com. Please come join us there!

Joining is easy, and you can set privacy settings in your account.

Search for the group -- Sunshine Online Quilt Guild -- and we hope to see you there! We are all nervous about a new site AND about losing touch with some who will not make the move.

Some day Yahoo Groups may be reliable again, but for now it is evidently not. So PLEASE come join us at our new home!


We are such a fun and vibrant group. We really hope to see all of you at our new site.

I am registered there as Carol Jean.

Kathleen and Claire and BrendaLou are there, too. Won't you please join us? We are still into quilt production for kids!

P.S. NOTE: We are keeping the Yahoo site open as long as we can. Don't quit that membership until we know its ultimate fate. We might all end up back at Yahoo again! So stay put until the future is clear. Until that time, we want a safe place to gather and get used to in case Yahoo Groups disappear.


  1. I just found this post and have signed up at MeWE so I can keep up with the group. Yahoo mail was down for a long time today, I understand why the migration to a new platform is needed. Thanks for keeping this group alive.