Monday, August 24, 2015

Tahoe Retreat a Success!

By now you've heard (at our Yahoo message board) about what fun we had at our retreat at Tahoe. It was a beautiful place to meet, well organized, and meeting each other in person was so much fun. We enjoyed lots of laughs, and to make 78 quilts was completely awesome. We shocked ourselves!! It was because of all the help of others, sending us blocks, block parts, and fabric. We couldn't have done it without everyone pitching in.

Here is a link to Carol's blog, with lots of pictures from the retreat.

We are all eager to see the first Tahoe quilts when they have been quilted and bound. Keep on sewing, everyone!


  1. That is a huge amount of quilts to get sewn together! Congratulations on your finishes!

    1. thanks, Pam. we're still working on getting them all quilted