Thursday, November 6, 2014


We finished Tuesday evening with the last child not getting a quilt. The supply has ended for this trip but we still have 2 days of surgeries. It felt funny seeing the patients without quilts. Everyone of us wished we had filled ALL our suitcases to the maximum weight with quilts. Maybe next time it is a high volumn mission we should do just that. However, we still have a job to do keeping the kids happy prior to surgery and giving them the miracles for a new life they signed up for.

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  1. I'm just catching up on your travels. Thank You for all the great photos! Wish I was in shape to go on a mission- bum knees. I joined this group a few years ago and have a few tops made, but was concentrating on local donations through my guild. I really need to finish some for WAS. I was so sad to get this far in your story when you ran out of quilts. Is there any point to having some pillowcases or tote bags on future missions to fill the final crevices of your suitcases? Please thank everyone on the mission for those of us who aren't with you. It is wonderful to see the miracles happening!