Saturday, March 22, 2014

Minnesota Nice in Multiples

So I made this block years ago and wasn't sure if it was an already-existing block pattern. In case it was new, I named it Minnesota Nice. Then I lost my drawing of it. Recently I found it again and decided to make a bunch of these to see how they look put together. I wondered about it over the years, so I'm glad I'm able to finally make some and see how it works up into a quilt top.

Here's a sample. I think as I make more that are like the green ones, I'll remove the reddish and orangeish blocks. They just don't seem to "go." Not sure if this will end up as a Sunshine quilt, because I want to make it on the big side, but it will be given away free to someone who needs some Minnesota Nice.

(Yes, the table under the design wall IS that messy!)

Later: Here it is with the reddish ones removed and greens put in place. I like it a lot better. This design wall is small, so there isn't room, but I am making one more row and laying it out on the table. Actually, there are two more rows that don't fit on the wall. It will be 48 x 72 unless I add borders.


  1. It is very, very nice indeed. Good job!

  2. Oh, very nice! I like it a lot, and I don't know that I've seen that combination anywhere, either! Magazine submission? =)