Monday, November 10, 2014

Closing comments

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. This mission was more exercise than the Peru mission. Most of the staff were based on the 1st floor. Surgery, post-op, waiting. I however was on the 6th and 7th floors. The elevators only worked when you hit the elevator door and shouted to the doorman which floor you were on. Some times he responded, mostly not. Mornings were the hardest as we had to climb the 6 floors to do bed check-ins and do the pre-op rounds with the Dr. We needed to get the first child in each surgery room ready PDQ.  Once those were down we could slow down a bit and do the rest. It was very humid and in the afternoon the breeze would come from the ocean to cool it some, but not enough. There was no window glass in many of the windows, so when the rain came in, floors and people got wet. After about 15 minutes it would stop and all would dry.

I noticed that many of my posts were saved as drafts so I posted them this morning. Sometimes I could get the signal to work and other times not.

Things are now not in order but I think you will enjoy the pictures anyway.

2nd day surgery

A Rotary flag is given to each person having surgery.

The flight to Caracas Venezuela

We said goodbye to Cumana and were escorted by the Rotarians from Caracus. They paid for our stay at the motel and paid for our evening meal. I want to thank the people of Cumana  and the Rotarians of Cumana, there are four clubs there, for the warm reception given us and the Rotarians of Caracus for the joint effort for this trip.

Departure from Cumana airport

When we arrived at the airport we were greeted with music, a snack for our journey and lastgoodbyes.


The goodbyes from new friends

post-op clinic and goodbyes

Post-op clinic went well. It was nice to see the kids with swelling already gone or diminished. Then off to the airport for a surprise farewell from the locals, Rotary, and the first lady of the State of Sucre.