Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Keeping a child warm, one quilt at a time in Peru

More awake tonight, thought I might try this blog again. It has been such a joy to see the children with new smiles and to see the reaction of the parents or siblings as they see their loved ones for the first time after surgery.  My job is ward coordinator, so I am with the families prior to surgery and wait with the parents while their child is gone. I make sure that when time comes, the correct child goes to the O.R.  The taking of pictures of the quilts the first day was hard as the nurses placed the quilts under the sheets. I tried to ask the nurses if they could put the quilts on the top and they said they couldn't bother with such stuff.  The next day, I waited until the patient woke up and asked if I could take their picture with their new quilt. So, here you go Sunnies, find yours.


  1. Valerie: You're the BEST!!
    Kathy T. in Tampa

  2. Valerie, over the years we have been wishing and waiting for pictures just like you have taken. It is SO exciting to finally see them!! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!