Monday, May 27, 2013

Whew! I'm back...

Thanks Carol E. for getting us updated!  (and for bearing with my delete key tendencies!!!)

I've updated my profile, cleaned a little on my sewing room and pulled out some tops to finish.  I need to get back into the Sunshine frame of mind.  I've read and lived through everyone's quilty there has not been much quilting happening here for the last 3 years.   I've enjoyed your photos and the new patterns and settings.  It's good to feel well enough to join in again!

I've spent the last 2 days at my sewing machine.   I had a Challenge for another list that I'm co-owner of...for the Mission of Hope project.  The top is finished.  I have to present the finished quilt to our shipper in a couple of months.   We ship lap-kid sized quilts to battered women's shelters around the US.   It's great because the quilts go within the States to people who tug at my heartstrings...No one should be battered and abused!

I'm working on a scrap (imagine that, lol) quilt tonight.   Then I have several to add the borders, then they'll be heading to Ann who has graciously offered to help me with the quilting until I'm able to load and work on my quilter (HandiQuilter) again.  

here's one of the scrappies...all from red fabrics gathered over last decade.   I've done one in golds/yellows and another in greens.   They're fast and easy.
Susan ~ Patchkat