Thursday, May 23, 2013

Two Finishes for WAS

My goal was to finish these two quilts before noon, and I just made it! (Currently in my time zone it is 11:52 AM.)

These are both for WAS. I have started a WAS box; these two are the first entries in the box. It'll probably fit two or three more.

Oh, and we have a new to us Adirondack chair, so you'll be seeing a lot of this chair as quilt holder, as long as we have nice weather.

--carol e.

strings with no batting and a flannel backing; birthed - no binding; did this one the quick, easy way

a Tammy setting


  1. Beautiful quilts! and the chair is nice, too. What is WAS? I've never heard of them.

    1. WAS = Wrap a Smile

      quilts for kids undergoing cleft lip/cleft palate surgery.


  2. The quilts were attractive before, but much more so when the new chair models them. :-)