Sunday, April 28, 2013

QBB Talks to Us About Labels

Carla of Quilts Beyond Borders had this to say recently, when asked about wording for labels from Sunshine members:

We always add a line to our label that says:

"Belongs to: (space for receiver's name)"

As you can see from the attached pictures, it's a very big deal for the kids to have their names put on their quilts. Since even their clothing is shared, this is for many of them the only thing they actually own. That's why we feel it's important to include the "Belongs to" line.

We would also appreciate having our name, "Quilts Beyond Borders" somewhere on the label, but if there's only room for one line, the "Belongs to" line is more important. Our usual label says,

Quilts Beyond Borders
Made for You with Love by __________,
Belongs to:________________.

We certainly have no objection to having the Sunshine Guild's name included, as we wouldn't have the quilt without you!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

We Have a New Group Affiliation!

Exciting news: Sunshine has decided to change the groups that we officially support. After discussion about the idea, agreement was unanimous. We are all excited to get started.

We will continue to support Wrap-a-Smile, providing quilts for kids having cleft lip/cleft palate surgery. We love helping these kids with a warm, cuddly quilt at a scary time, something they can keep and which can remind them that someone from far away cares about them!

The second group we will begin to support, starting right now, is Quilts Beyond Borders. You can read all about Quilts Beyond Borders here. The link takes you to their blog. They regularly post pictures, information about quilt deliveries, and requests for quilts when they begin a new campaign. Our work with this group promises to be exciting and communicative!

A few things about Quilts Beyond Borders will be different from what we've been doing in recent years. First, the quilts should be mailed to the regional representative who is nearest to your location. This will help reduce your postage costs! (Yes!) Simply go to the blog and click on the link "Where to Send Quilts and Tops", and you will find the contact information you need. (Please note: they are presently in need of regional reps in Calif and/or the Western states. Perhaps a Sunshine member would like to do this??)

Second, they request that we attach a label to the quilts we donate. Labels should be a simple square or rectangle of fabric with the following information:

Quilts Beyond Borders

Made for You with Love

By (name(s) of the quiltmaker(s))

Belongs To (child’s name will go here)

You can write this information with a fine-tip Perma pen (please heat set it) or embroider the information using your machine.

Third, they do accept tops, which apparently puts the burden on the Regional Rep to find longarmers to get it quilted. As usual, sending a completed quilt would be easiest for quick delivery, but if you're in a pinch, sending a top is an option.

We'll be discussing our new group affiliation at our group site and looking forward to communication from them! Let's get started making quilts (40" x 60") for their current campaigns: Ethiopia and Romania!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Have Just a Few Blocks? Never Fear...

Tammy to the rescue! Here is an example of a cute quilt Tammy made when she had just a few blocks at hand. Tammy is the queen of creative settings!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Blocks For Lent

Some of us decided to set a goal of making one block per day during Lent. Lent started on Ash Wednesday in February and ended yesterday, Easter Sunday. I think it was a total of 47 days. Some people attained their goal. Others gave themselves Lent Extensions. That works! We're flexible here at Sunshine and have very few rules. This is supposed to be fun! Here are some quilt tops that some of us made/are making using our Lent blocks: