Monday, October 13, 2014

Going again

Good morning Sunshine,

Time is getting close for my trip with Rotaplast to Cunama, Venezuela. October 26 th is our fly out date. Thanks to Joann, Anne and her sewing group as well as Nancy from my quilt guild, the carry on is packed with 98 sets of No-No's. My suitcase? No not yet. but will be soon. Starting to get excited. I haven't had much chance as I have been teaching. I work next week but Friday will be the last as I fly that Sunday.

Those that pray, please do so for all 27 on the team for safety and health. Thank you for all you do. I will try to blog if it is possible. If not, you will get pictures when I return.
Valerie, Stockton, CA.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Six Tops for QBB

I recently sent these six tops to Sandi for Quilts Beyond Borders.

The third one was made by my local guild, Dakota County Star Quilters. You might see more quilts like it. That is our 2014 community service block.

--carol e.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another Tammy Setting

I made this top using some of my Lent-challenge blocks, and of course, I used a Tammy Setting. Some day she'll be famous for her setting ideas.

This will be a Wrap-a-Smile quilt once it's finished.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Minnesota Nice in Multiples

So I made this block years ago and wasn't sure if it was an already-existing block pattern. In case it was new, I named it Minnesota Nice. Then I lost my drawing of it. Recently I found it again and decided to make a bunch of these to see how they look put together. I wondered about it over the years, so I'm glad I'm able to finally make some and see how it works up into a quilt top.

Here's a sample. I think as I make more that are like the green ones, I'll remove the reddish and orangeish blocks. They just don't seem to "go." Not sure if this will end up as a Sunshine quilt, because I want to make it on the big side, but it will be given away free to someone who needs some Minnesota Nice.

(Yes, the table under the design wall IS that messy!)

Later: Here it is with the reddish ones removed and greens put in place. I like it a lot better. This design wall is small, so there isn't room, but I am making one more row and laying it out on the table. Actually, there are two more rows that don't fit on the wall. It will be 48 x 72 unless I add borders.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Two Round Robins - Want to Join?

My sister gave me a large supply of scraps, blocks, and even quilt tops. These two tops were included, and I decided they'd make good Round Robin projects. Both are about 28 inches square. One is boyish, and one is girlish. Would you like to help finish them for Sunshine?

If so, please send an e-mail to Carol (merryhands[at]gmail[dot]com). You should e-mail me directly and not post at Sunshine so that your snail mail address is not revealed to the world.

We need 3 people for each top.

Boy Quilt: (1) first border, (2) second border, (3) any finishes desired and then quilt it, or just quilt and send to WAS or QBB. Post a photo so we can all see how it turned out!

Girl Quilt: (1) first border, (2) second border, (3) any finishes desired and then quilt it, or just quilt and send to WAS or QBB. Post a photo so we can all see how it turned out!

When you contact me, let me know which top you want to work on, and which step number you want to do. Tell me your name and address, and I'll get it all organized and sent in the mail. I'd like to get these in the mail by mid-March, so contact me soon, please.


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Photos of WAS Quilts

A nurse friend of Terry's took these pictures of quilts on a Wrap a Smile mission. What beautiful quilts, children, families, and mission! These might all be quilts from Canada, but does anyone see any quilts that are familiar? (click on the pictures to see them larger)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Heart Blocks for Val

We're making heart blocks for Val! We used to do this when a Sunshine member lost a close family member. Val's dad recently passed away, and we on the cruise decided it was time to revive this tradition... at least for now.

Please make a 6.5" heart block... use any color, any style, any technique. Use white or White on White for the background. If paper pieced, please remove the papers before sending the heart to Val. Be sure to sign your block with a Pigma pen!

Get Val's address from Carol E. Please get your heart block to Val by April 1, 2014.

Here are some samples, just for your thought and perhaps inspiration:

P.S. At our Yahoo group page under "files," there is a tutorial for an 'Easy Heart Block' that might be helpful if you're stuck for ideas.